Top five reasons for a group holiday in the UK

Holidays – we all love them, but some are better than others. So why might you want to opt for a group holiday in the UK? Put simply, it’s much easier to bring the people you love together in a great location and in a superb place to stay. And as experts in gorgeous holiday homes for groups, we can create a holiday that’s memorable and brilliant. So read on for the top five reasons for group holidays in the UK.

1. Group holidays in the UK bring family together

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If you think back to all the great holidays you’ve had, they’ll probably have one thing in common – they involved people you care about. And having those experiences with loved ones and friends didn’t just add to the experience – it made it. 

So bringing even more of your favourite people together creates even more magical memories. And UK group holidays often mean you can gather a bigger range of people. Grandparents, teenagers, parents with younger children – we don’t often get the chance to bring all generations of the family together. A relaxing, multi-generational holiday is incredibly valuable and probably the biggest reason for a group holiday in the UK.

2. Group holidays in the UK are easier to arrange

But why have a group holiday in the UK instead of abroad? On a simple level, it’s much, much easier to bring the family together in the UK than it is overseas. If you’re going abroad, flights, transport, hotels, meals, activities – they all mount up financially and in time. And they can be a real challenge for older relatives and those with young children. 

So that’s another reason for a group holiday in the UK. Just pick a location that’s easy to get to for family members, and book accommodation that means you can all stay together. No two-hour check-ins, flight delays, airport queues and stressful departure times. Instead a leisurely drive to your destination, with people arriving when they can.

3. Group holidays in the UK provide activities for everyone

Bringing family or friends together means different ages and interest – so often people will want to do different things. On some foreign holidays you might be limited to a few types of activities, which can be frustrating for some. But if you opt to holiday in somewhere like Yorkshire, there are endless, varied things to do.

In fact, if you stay with Yorkshire Premium Cottages, you’ll be within easy reach of the Peak District – Britain’s first National Park, picture-perfect villages, rustic pubs, excellent restaurants, exciting activities, magnificent stately homes and walking trails that range from exhilarating hikes to scenic strolls. You’re also within easy reach of all the heritage and urban attractions of Sheffield, Leeds and York.

4. Group holidays in the UK give you a holiday base

Another big reason to opt for a group holiday in the UK is you can create your own great-value holiday base. Whether it’s in a cottage, a converted barn or a luxury manor house (Yorkshire Premium Cottages offers all three – see below), you’re bringing people together to actually spend quality time together. It’s not just a one-off rushed meal, or an afternoon. 

Instead you can chat while making a pre-breakfast cuppa, chill-out in the lounge, and read the grandchildren a bedtime story. And if you chose properties like those at Yorkshire Premium Cottages, you could also come together to play table tennis, watch a movie in a home cinema, or soak in the hot tub.

5. Group holidays in the UK mean relaxed, great-value meals


Sharing a meal with friends and family is one of life’s joys – that’s why so many key celebrations and life events involve eating together. But if you’re holidaying as a group having to always eat out can be challenging and expensive. 

Which is another big reason for group holidays in the UK – book with Yorkshire Premium Cottages and you’ll have a brilliantly equipped kitchen, enough space to sit down together and a dishwasher to take care of the plates. Which means you can focus on spending stress-free, valuable time together and really enjoy that meal.

Having a UK group holiday with Yorkshire Premium Cottages 

So those are five great reasons to have a group holiday in the UK. The next question is where to book? Luckily Yorkshire Premium Cottages can offer five simply superb places to stay. And in a simply superb location too – surrounded by Yorkshire countryside, near to the Peak District.

And as well as the perfect location, we can also offer the perfect places for group holidays. Our five luxury properties sleep between seven and 34 people. So pretty much whatever the group size, we’ve got your needs covered.

These are simply perfect places to enjoy with the people you care about. To spend time with, chat, laugh and play. And to do the most important of those five reasons for a group holiday in the UK – to have fun and make memories.