The Best Girls’ Night in Ideas

Let’s face it: often the best ideas for nights out with your girls are those that revolve around, well, staying in. Allowing you to forgo busy queues and even busier clubs and swap the high heels for your favourite slippers, staying ‘in’ in can be infinitely more tempting than going ‘out’ out.

So, with your own VIP (TV) lounge awaiting, why not skip straight to the good part and get planning some fun nights in with your best people? Fully embracing “staying in is the new going out”, we’ve put together some of the best girls’ night in ideas for you to enjoy in your very own retreat. Alcohol optional. Snacks non-negotiable.

Bring a Cookbook Night

A cookbook night is one of the best ways to spend a night in with your friends. Both enabling you to glean new cooking skills and eat delicious food all at the same time, it’s a win-win situation. And, if you were ever wondering what the secret ingredient to Barbara’s dreamboat sponge is, now’s your chance to find out. To get started, divvy out your worktop space, adorn yourselves with aprons and spatulas and rustle up your favourite recipes together, ready to enjoy them either course by course or as a giant tapas-style feast. With everyone free to share their tried-and-tested cookery masterpieces and with inevitable comedy moments mixed in along the way, you’re sure to have a fantastic night in to remember.

Chef Night

Okay, okay. If you love the idea of food but are not so enamoured with the idea of cooking yourself, then another great option is to hire a private chef for the night (or several nights). Interested? An idyllic way to capitalise on time together and treat yourself to delectable food, we can recommend a top-notch personal chef to cater for you and your friends. Working with you to create the most appetising menus imaginable, your own private chef can rustle up gastronomical showstoppers all from the comforts of your own cottage as you wine and dine with friends. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the cleaning up either. Choose from two or three courses and build your own menu for the best night in you’ve ever had.

Cocktail Night

Cocktails bring a brilliant splash of colour and flavour to every occasion and are a sure-fire way to bring much joy and mirth to your girls’ night in. Whether you’d like to get creative with cocktails or mocktails, you can gather together to conjure up the tastiest drinks in town. To add a fun twist, test your inner mixologist by creating drinks based on your favourite movie, job, country or book (Tequila Mockingbird, anyone?). And, to add to the challenge, make sure everyone keeps their inspiration a secret and take turns guessing each one. For bonus points, complement your cocktails with outfits that match the theme and savour every drop of hilarity. Afterall, why limit happy to an hour?

Games Night

You just can’t beat old-fashioned fun when it comes to the best girls’ nights in. Something that all generations can get involved in, games are a brilliant way to indulge in light-hearted fun. Light-hearted, that is, as long as Monopoly stays safely tucked away. Whether your friends are all dab-hands at cards or will jump at any excuse for a game of Twister, settle in for timeless fun. Of course, classics like Scrabble, Dominoes, Battleship and Checkers are always brilliant. Or, if you’re up for something a little more, erm, theatrical, improvise with side-splitting rounds of Charades – all you’ll need is a notepad, pen and your lustrous inner thespian.

Movie Magic Night

Movies provide magical portals into other worlds and create wonderful, shared experiences with those you love. An especially appealing option if you’ve had a long day of exploring and want a relaxing night in with your girls, movie nights are always a favourite pastime – whether you’re opting for a ‘golden oldie’ classic or are ready to lose yourself to a modern epic. To accompany your film night, you’ll need a hearty array of snacks and beverages to keep you fuelled (it’s movie night law) and preferably a comfy outfit at hand. Don your PJs, nestle underneath piles of blankets, pass bowls of popcorn and let the story steal the night away…

Hot Tub Night

What better way to relish the company of your favourite people than with a hot tub night? Undoubtedly one of the best ideas for a girls’ night in, hot tubs call for lashings of banter, Brut and bubbles as you relax under open skies. With a number of our holiday cottages boasting private hot tubs onsite, you can simply step outside your door and dip into toasty waters, serenaded by a soundtrack of lilting birdsong or your latest playlist tunes. Even better when combined with a showstopping sunset, you can bid adieu to the day and wave hello to the night ahead as orange and crimson streaks paint the horizon. Dreamy.

Nights In à La Yorkshire

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