A Guide to Yorkshire’s Artisan Food & Drink

Yorkshire is known all over the country for its rolling hills and beautiful stretches of countryside so close to National Parks. The location of our cottages is without a doubt our favourite thing about them. Aside from the beautiful landscapes, Yorkshire is also full of popular artisan food products and companies. We though we would share our favourite food and drinks brands with you, all of which originated and operate in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Tea

The obvious has to be Yorkshire Tea. Does anyone visit Yorkshire without having a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea? Produced by Taylors of Harrogate which is still family owned, it also owns the very well know Bettys which now has six shops in and around Harrogate. British people are renowned for their love of a good brew, and what better choice than a delicious Yorkshire Tea.

Henderson’s Relish

Founded and produced in Sheffield since 1885, Henderson’s Relish is a favourite among locals and likely to be found in every kitchen in Yorkshire. Described as a ‘spicy table sauce’ it is perfect for a variety of dishes and is suitable for vegans as well as gluten free. If you haven’t given it a try yet, you should.

Shepherd’s Purse Artisan Cheese

Everyone loves cheese don’t they? Yorkshire is the home of some great cheeses, one of them being the independent family run business Shepherds Purse Artisan Cheese’s. It began in the late 1980’s after Judy Bell discovered a talent for making cheese, however she wanted to create quality alternatives for those who suffer from allergies of cow’s milk, so she began using sheep milk before then moving on to cows milk and even water buffalo milk! They have a great range of Yorkshire cheese’s and still remain a small team of 35 people. Another cheese brand based in Yorkshire is the famous Wensleydale Creamery, dating all the way back to 1150! What began as a family recipe is now a hugely successful company employing over 200 staff members and handcrafting over 20 varieties of delicious cheese.

Yorkshire Crisps

A relatively new company only founded in 2005, Yorkshire Crisps describe themselves as a ‘deliciously moreish, luxury hand cut crisp, perfectly popped corn from the heart of Gods Own Country!’ Founded by part-time farmer and businessman Ashley Turner, Yorkshire Crisps source all ingredients locally from Yorkshire farmers, they have 12 delicious flavours to choose from and are produced in a village between Sheffield and Rotherham.

Sloemotion Distillery

A couple of little tipples for the drinks lovers now, the first being from near Malton in North Yorkshire, the Sloemotion distillery. Created 20 years, Sloemotion has a variety of delicious spirits and liqueurs to decide between. All handmade by a small team they are very much your family business and have a passion for being environmentally friendly. Our team definitely recommends! The second was only created back in 2014 and began in Wakefield, Rhucello is a rhubarb liqueur where the idea for it was formed on a stag party to Amsterdam when a distillery boasted about having 38 flavours of liqueurs, but no rhubarb! They have even created their own cocktail menus for it to be used with, you can find these on their website and the liqueur is stocked in local stores.

Yummy Yorkshire

Yummy Yorkshire is a local ice cream parlour in the same village as our beautiful largest property Spicer Manor. It has a restaurant and café situated on the family working dairy farm and it makes the most wonderful ice cream with a huge variety of different flavours to choose from. Being so close to all of our cottages it’s a very worthwhile trip to try some Yummy Yorkshire Ice cream.

Don’t forget the Yorkshire’s!

Finally. Who hasn’t heard of the famous Yorkshire Pudding??? A very common British side dish or starter, it dates back to at least the 1700’s. A little bit of interesting trivia for you, introducing the word Yorkshire was first used in ‘The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Simple’ published in 1747 by Hannah Glasse. The puddings in this region were found to be lighter and crispier than in others and were considered better, hence becoming the Yorkshire Pudding! The original recipe is on the side of a house in Malton which is a great day out to visit.

We love our local food and drink and these are our particular favourites from here in the office. Hopefully you get the chance to try some of them, they can all be found locally if you decide to try any of them during a stay with us!